About SG Design Studio

I’m a serial entrepreneur and artist at heart. Having started and sold or closed 8 legitimate businesses and dozens of web sites, not including S.G. Design Studio, I have a strong grasp of the challenges that face a small startup company. I’ve had fun with every business, but some were more successful than others.

Steve Gerencser : Founder in 2010
The longest lasting was NeoTek Computer Systems, a small tech company that did everything. It lasted nearly 13 years. The shortest lived was Dragon’s Lair, a comic book store. I learned a lot in just 9 months, including some things not to do with a startup.

SG Design Studio has since become the primary holding company for everything we do. Every business we start begins life

as a DBA under SG Design Studio. As those businesses grow and evolve they may be spun off or sold.

Current Focus

While as a group we have a wide variety of experiences and skills, we have chosen to be more focused in the coming years as we delve deeper in to just a few markets. To that end we are targeting the jewelry industry heavily by bringing our technical and internet expertise to a very traditional industry. We are starting this process with several new web sites at Animal Charms and Doe Creek Beads, with many more to come.

As we grow our jewelry business we plan to add a physical brick and mortar location, something we had in the past, and continue to expand our product lines with new designs and return to creating one of a kind works of art for very special customers.

Along with our jewelry business we have decided to continue our return in to the web development and marketing industry. I have a passion for startups and every new web site we build gives me the opportunity to be involved at the very early stages some someone else’s dream business. To make that happen we are starting a new web development and internet marketing company called Steam Driven Media.

At Steam Driven Media the same developers and marketers that are creating our own web sites will be available to help our clients leverage the internet in profitable and exciting ways.

The Future of SG Design Studio

As we continue to grow our own businesses and help our web clients grow theirs, we are excited at the opportunities laying in front of us. We aren’t 100% sure where this will take us, but we do know that it will be exciting and profitable for everyone involved. Come join us for the ride!


Steve Gerencser