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Jewelry started out as one of those guilty pleasures that very few people knew about me. However, about 10 years ago I was given an amazing opportunity by Bob and Steve at Images Jewelers when they brought me in as a graphic designer to help Bob with his jewelry design. We quickly learned that my architecture background translated very well and soon I found myself as the lead the designer.

During that time we placed 2nd at the annual IJA design competition, I was rewarded by getting both first place and last place votes from the judges at an international jewelry in cad design competition (that means I didn’t win but did get an extreme reaction to my design at both ends of the spectrum), and I was even honored to make my daughter’s engagement ring, twice.

Michelle's Engagement Ring : Color change garnet and lapis

Michelle's Engagement Ring

Ruby Earrings : Won 2nd place at the IJA competition

2nd Place IJA

Curves : voted both first and last place by the judges

Curves : Unique Designs

Since leaving Images Jewelers we have been creating our own unique jewelry and web sites. Every jewelry web site we create is based around a personal theme or issue dear to us. Our first site, Animal Charms, was created in an effort to help us help animals in need. We give as much as 20% from every single sale made there to an animal rescue or charity.

Our newest jewelry web site, Doe Creek Beads, has been created to help women tell their own personal story through jewelry. By combining various beads that represent emotions or memories dear to them, they are creating a lasting story about their lives in jewelry.

Web sites are not our only outlet though. We are are currently looking at opening a brick and mortar store to go along with our new jewelry design studio in Tennessee. We are moving slowly in these unstable economic times, but I hope to be open in time for Christmas.